Part 4: Wands, the Ace, the Dragonfly

Traditionally, the suit of wands is represented by one of two elements. The wood of the wand is said to be kindling of the fire, giving us the ability to power through and take action in our lives. However, the wood of the tree is not so rigid, it easily bends and sways with the wind while holding firm to its purpose. It really comes down, as almost all things do, to personal interpretation. This will be discussed further in the suite of swords- whether they cut through to the truth of life or if they arm you to face your actions. In this case, however, wands present our spirit guides with the protection and enthusiasm for life that is on the much more playful and optimistic end of the spectrum. See how you brace yourself and are willing to bend to the elements surrounding you in your life. Stand up for your hopes and intuition; strengthen and reinforce it. Stand in the quiet wilderness or put another log on the fire. These are the kindling of inspiration and trusting that things are going to be okay. At the very least, things are going to move forward.

The iridescent wings of the Dragonfly have captured our imaginations for millennia. Even their elongated bodies remind us of sticks flying through the air, inspirations for mythical creatures like pixies. The origins of a Dragonfly’s life, however, are not so elegant. They begin their lives as larvae incubating in the still waters of ponds and tributaries. The have no grandeur, only potential and try to survive long enough to not become bait. But Dragonflies know they have more potential than what they start with. They are not afraid of the metamorphosis that comes with growth. In fact, when their time comes they flaunt their individuality with the brightest of colors. They show everyone, “Look at me, I made it, just by being myself.” Don’t hesitate to flaunt your colors or persevere for something you believe in. You should be the most important person in your life, because others will benefit by your inspiration.  It is time to show off what you believe in, and pursue the things you care about. These are the colors that fill the pages of our short and exciting lives.


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