02. Wands, the Rat

It is hard to put aside out negative connotations of Rats, but we must foremost admit that these little creatures are experts at finding ways to survive. The cunning of the Rat has allowed them to be first among the Chinese zodiac. They have found their way into every corner of the world, can eat almost anything, and as scientist and pet-owners alike can tell you, are ingenious figuring out puzzles. Part of the reason we, as a culture, look down on Rats is because we associate them with dirt. But survival is not a clean business, it takes ingenuity and stamina to keep ahead of those who do not wish you the best. Survival is not just about finding food and a mate, it is about establishing comfort, learning new skills, putting things aside so you can save them for a rainy day. Now is the time to start putting the plans in place for your future, take some risks for the greater rewards of a full life and happy home. And finally, don’t mind too much what others think of you in this endeavor, their thoughts do not get to define your definition of survival.


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