04. Wands, the Monkey

The Monkey teaches us a lot about our evolutionary social needs. Back in the ancient days, before humans came out of the trees, walked on two legs, or developed our spiritual symbols, we were still very much social creatures. To groom each other, to protect our young and to establish a social hierarchy is something that we have not evolved out of. We still are very much social creatures, often driven purely by our animal instincts and social intuition. The term “Monkey brain” describes the state of mind where everything is interesting and seems to demand our attention. Perhaps our excitement allows us to become distracted, but nevertheless we are social creatures, where passion, interest, and our connection to those closest to us should be celebrated. Closeness to others keeps us from getting lost in thought, or caught up in our fear to act. It is time to embrace your instincts, share what you love about others and you will end up finding what they love about you. Not everything is so serious, let loose, swing free, and embrace your Monkey mind for at least a little while.


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