05. Wands, the Mountain Goat

The Mountain Goats in our life are those who seem to thrive off of conflict. Butting heads isn’t who is right or wrong, but who has the stamina and footing in their argument to overcome. Sometimes it can feel lonely and precious living on the edge. However, when you have sure footing it does make it that much harder for the real predators to consume you. The display of butting heads is to establish dominance, to prove to a mate that they are worth fighting for. You have to value yourself, practice even when there is little to no chance of success. This is the only way you can learn and improve. Mountain Goats argue for the sake of arguing to learn how to handle themselves in a real fight. You have to toughen up, pay attention to the terrain and the movements of your opponent all at once. It isn’t easy, in fact it can be downright exhausting. So make sure that you know exactly what it is you are fighting for. Playing the devil’s advocate might make you hard-headed, but that doesn’t mean you will win. Your values and awareness during conflicts will make you stronger, both mentally and emotionally.


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