06. Wands, the Peacock

One of the more non-congruent aspects of the animal kingdom to our own is how the males tend to be the ones to preen and show off to attract their mates. And no one has quite such a provocative display as the male Peacock. His gemstone colored feathers are valued throughout the world, and he knows exactly how desirable he is. This is the pride of the Peacock, and not only does he not want to hide his beauty, he wants everyone to know and see it for themselves. This assertive, masculine energy finds its ways into our lives by actively expressing ourselves and uniqueness. There is nothing demure or humble about natural talent and beauty. To be validated is our deepest desires, even for the most shy and introverted of us. It may seem unobtainable sometimes, but your unique gifts and contributions are valued by others. If you are feeling that inner sense of pride, now is the time to start showing it off. Your pride and sense of accomplishment will draw others to you more than the material rewards ever could. The only way to be validated by others to be seen by them and acknowledge it within yourself. Let your colors fly!


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