07. Wands, the Toad

The Toad is a creature of both land and water and is at heart a survivalist. Toads are hardy creatures that do can thrive in many conditions without drying out the way its cousin the frog might. In the winter, they are able to bury themselves and slow their heartbeats to become a frozen stone-like version of itself. The Toad holds many secrets to survival such as hibernation, poison, leaping in retreat, and also forward for the surprise attack. Channeling Toad is to embrace giving yourself credit for making it as far as you have. Maybe you feel like you’ve been hibernating, avoiding the winter of the spirit while slowing yourself and wallowing in the comforts around you. Even acknowledging your avoidance is to admit you survived the winter none the less. It is very hard for us to gauge our levels of success, how far we have come, and exactly how much we have survived through. You know that life isn’t easy, you never expected it to be, but you probably never knew how fighting for your life could feel so routine. Yes, you are fighting for your life with every challenge that comes your way. Maintain your ground and improvise like Toad to meet every challenge in the best way that you can, even if that means simply waiting out the frost.


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