08. Wands, the Falcon

You may be able to easily sing many praises to the Falcon. In our society, the Falcon’s skills are highly valued. Accuracy, initiative, specialization, ferocity, focus, and of course, its unparalleled speed. We want so many things in our life to hurry up and be over with. We lack patience for completion, but find ourselves wishing for more time to perfect things, remember the good things, to hold on to the very fleeting experiences we had hoped for in the first place. But if the Falcon’s only strength was speed, it wouldn’t be so renowned. Part of the ability that allows the Falcon to dive so quickly and effectively is its attention to detail. Keeping a keen eye on that which you care most about is essential to obtaining it. Know the movements and patterns that arise from the natural cycles that occur around yourself and your target. Anything else might lead you to get swept away with the currents of the wind, things that may not be so essential to your attention will end up demanding all of it. So keep focused, your time to act will happen sooner than you think.


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