09. Wands, the Cougar

In North America, dogs seem to run the show when it comes to wild predators. Our big cats are secluded to the foothills, zoos, and paleontological records. Yes, canines are more visible, but the Cougar has not yet died out. The job of a predator, at any rate, is not about needing to be seen or to be heard. A predator survives, hunts, protects its young, and tries to leave little evidence of it being there at all. The Cougar is both a wandering, and a staunch defender of its territory. They remind us of a time before human’s felt like they had tamed the wilderness and we still had to watch the shadows for that which might hunt us as prey. The Cougar survives not because of ferocity, but because it new when to retreat into the hills and sustain itself off of more easily procured game. Cougars have nearly been wiped out, but know that their adaption to use their surroundings allows them to be protected and mostly unseen. Their numbers grow today and yet they rarely ever wander into our kind. They know their place in the hierarchy, and while they are powerful and cunning, don’t take it upon themselves to be at the top of that chain. To hide, to survive, to adapt, and to thrive on your own unique skills and resources in no way makes you lesser. In fact, with courage and practice you may end up doing your job so well no one knows you have done anything at all. That is Cougar power all of its own.


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