10. Wands, the Ox

Oxen can be described simply: Focused and diligent. There is no point in mincing words about the Ox, because above everything else they feel they have a job to do. Their shoulders are broad because they were meant to carry the load. Their muscles are strong because they are meant to pull things forwards. Their horns are sharp because they are meant to protect themselves. Nothing is chance to the mind of the Ox. Our strengths and the tasks required of us are there only because we are meant to be strong enough to complete them. And more likely than not, Ox will be embodying someone without that person ever realizing they are taking on more than they can handle. You are at a place in your life where you are testing your strengths and responsibilities, and it is weighing on you. Once you are aware of this weight you cannot ignore it. Remember that not even the Ox assumes it can carry the biggest load on its own, but that won’t stop it from trying and wearing itself out.


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