Page of Wands, the Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are not rushed, they are simply build to live a faster paced life than we are. Bright, colorful, territorial, energetic and ever moving, the spirit of the Hummingbird is to be free from the confines of what other people think “should be.” To indulge in the sweetness of life while displaying your vibrant colors is to live fully and uninterrupted. Letting go of preconceptions of how things work or the steps of a process is to free yourself. Your imagination and possibilities are unarguably endless when you stop applying limitations. When getting into the mindset of the Hummingbird, you may feel like things are happening too quickly, and you may lack compassion for your experiences. With practice, however, the freedom of uninhibited action will begin to consume you, and you might wonder how you have ever managed not living so closely with you intuition and celebration of life. Acting on intuitive knowledge is the key first step to living in the realm of your dreams and making your way through the world both spiritually and practically. Opportunity and embracing the diversity of this world is the nectar that will fuel your life!


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