Knight of Wands, the Coyote

A warning before invoking this spirit- part of the way Coyote delves into adventure is also to take on the role of the trickster. Coyote will do nearly anything for a laugh or for what he sees as personal gain- at the expense of others or even himself it does not seem to matter. Coyote magic is a potent one, not to be trifled with lightly. On the other hand, if you know the spirit of the Coyote already, trifling and not taking him seriously is exactly how he wants things to be. It is not that Coyote isn’t a fierce hunter, that is part of what makes him so successful and dangerous. Selfishness and aloofness are terms we associate with Coyote from the outside looking in. There is no malice in Coyote’s tricks and schemes, only passionate curiosity to see what will happen next and have a good story to tell from it later.  Life is an adventure if you let it be. Too much thinking about risks and trying to control the outcomes is what gets us stuck in unproductive cycles and periods of depressed self. When you first start exploring, you more often than not might be surprised to find how many things there are to discover within your own backyard. Part of the exploration of the world and ourselves is making experiences that we want to share, even if they are painful. The best thing we can do for ourselves sometimes is to release all expectations of what is and what will be and just let yourself experience the world with open senses and understanding you might not come back the same.


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