Queen of Wands, the Otter

The Otter is universally loved for its playful demeanor along cold coastlines. Otter colonies are full of social activity, learning and teaching how to hunt, eat, and sleep without floating away on the current. The love Otters have for their companions helps them survive the cold seas far better than their thick fur coats do. Otters make it easy to read their emotions because even in sleep they seem to be able to mime their intentions. Actively displaying your passion in this case is a strength, and lets others bond to you. It is sometimes not enough to feel affection towards life, yourself, or others, you must act on it as well. Words can be misunderstood or interpreted but displays of affection stick clearly in our minds and hearts. The actions people take can not help but create and emotional response in us and a connection to that person will often outlast the relationship itself. The warm affection that the Otter displays reminds us that our inner lives are private things, so to let people know of that world it must be expressed through action. Be kind to yourself and responsible with the actions you chose to take. To be willing to share means being willing to be accountable for those feelings and actions that come along with them.


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