Swords, the Ace, the Marlin

Swords and their suit are designed for a clear purpose: To cut through the crap and tell it like it is. There is clarity in hard truths, and wisdom realizing that we may not always be in the right. But despite this apparent pessimism, embracing the cold truth is always a learning and growing experience. There is joy and freedom by cutting away the bindings that try to tell us everything will be alright. Real life has moments of pain, and loss, and compromise that doesn’t pull its punches. The same goes for joyous occasions, the thrill of meeting someone new, and the calm between storms. Don’t be discouraged by this suite, instead let yourself be driven into action and allow yourself to see the world as it is rather than how you might want it to be. Do not fear these guides, let them help you embrace and reinforce your spirit. Swords and fire is the courage that knowing that you are afraid and nonetheless taking effective actions. Knowledge is the power you need to power through the harsh realities of our lives.


With its shining scales, sail like dorsal fin, and signature elongated beak, the Marlin swims through the open oceans with pride and unparalleled ability. The vastness of the open ocean may at first seem foreboding, but it also presents vast opportunity to demonstrate true strength, agility, and creativity. The Marlin engages all these concepts and with pride and stamina goes after exactly what it wants. It is a specimen of evolution designed to control its prey and fight back against adversity. When the Marlin hunts, the name of the game is strategy. Marlins round up schools of fish into tighter and tighter schools, darting through the chaos to disrupt their calculated movements. The Marlin thrives being one against many, because it knows that it can outsmart the swarm and meet its needs in the end. You have a similar power within you. The ability to know when you are in the right and that definitive action must be taken. Don’t be threatened that others may do things differently or that you may be outnumbers. Channel the energy and pride from your natural experience and stamina to make the most of this battle. Believing that you have the power is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.


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