03. Swords, the Polar Bear


Sometimes being the apex predator is simply not enough to ensure survival. The Polar bear is unrivaled in the arctic circle for its size, ferocity, and planning nature. Yet year by year those very glacial caps which the Polar Bear calls its home are melting at an incredible weight. Apt swimmers, their search for food might strand them in the middle of the water without a place to store its kill or protect its family. The ice that was their strength has now unwittingly become a watery prison, and it is no fault of the Polar Bear this is so. All your strengths and all your efforts doesn’t mean that you will be successful. We cannot predict what roads life takes us down, we can only evolve to ensure our survival. It isn’t pretty, and it isn’t meant to be. Losing our homes or our loved ones is meant to be painful, it is the part of life that makes us more resilient and more able to cope with loss in the future. Polar bear reminds of that even in loss, there is a chance to adapt and strengthen ourselves. Giving ourselves time to grieve is necessary, but we can not let it consume us and define our identity. We must find a way to move on and survive, even when it feels like the world is falling apart around us.


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