04. Swords, the Iguana


The Iguana, like all reptiles, is physiologically a cold-blooded creature. This simply means that its internal temperature is controlled from the outside in, depending on temperature, weather, and the conditions it surrounds itself in. If the body is too cold, the Iguana must warm itself in the sun and on warmed rocks to increase its vitality and ability to exert energy. This sun-bathing is essential to the Iguana’s well being, a period of reflection and gathering strength built into its biology. What they Iguana dreams about while sunning itself is anyone’s guess, but the content of the dreams is less important than the rest and revitalization. A period of spiritual hibernation is extremely helpful in reassessing what is important to us, what it is that we should be spending our time on. When we feel cold, detached, and frantic, Iguana reminds us to take a break, catch our breath, and save our actions for what is really important. Getting too caught up in the minutia makes our work sloppy and unfulfilling at completion. Warm your heart and give your head a break from overthinking. Patience is the incubator of being able to fulfill your intentions here.


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