05. Swords, the Honeybee


The poor Honeybee is not a hunter, it is a simple worker gathering pollen with a community for the greater good. Yet the Honeybee must be able to protect itself and the hive, and does so at great cost to itself. The Honeybee, as opposed to wasps who can bite and sting multiple times, tend to lose their stingers with one blow. The sting is painful, meant as a deterrent for predators proceeding any further. But the Honeybee dies with this transaction. Their only means of defense is an intrinsic part of their anatomy, a literal last resort. Is this sacrifice intentional? Does the Honeybee perceive this battle as more important than it is? Do other bees mourn this loss or do they feel that it was a shame their comrade had to act out at all? To channel not just the practicality of the Honeybee, but also what it is willing to lose makes us more clear on our intentions. Honeybee gives us strength to fight the battles we may not win and clarity when we feel there are no options left. The thing you are fighting for now may seem like it is the end-all battle, but Honeybee reminds you to think about why this fight is important to you and the consequences of fighting. Make sure you aren’t rushing into battle hastily or trying to prove yourself. Make sure you are fighting a battle worth losing for.


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