06. Swords, the Crab


How is your shell feeling little Crab?- How is it really feeling? We pretend to be comfortable more often than not for appearance’s sake alone. We build this narrative about how strong we are, how connected we feel to our home, to our routine. We pretend to be happy with things in our lives long after we have grown out of them. The reason we pretend is not the problem here, the real problem is how do we move on and embrace the future, the unknown? If Crabs have grown, and their routines are no longer satisfy, it is time for the Crab to break out of their shells. It a frightful and sometimes painful process. It means letting go of what we know and are comfortable with, making ourselves vulnerable. We are Crabs shedding out of one shell and re-exposing ourselves to danger so that we might find bigger, greater strengths and room for our hopes and dreams. Now is the time to start breaking out of your shell, start exposing yourself to the fear of moving on with your life. Doing otherwise may be what you know, but is more painful in the long run. To not grow is a life only half lived, denying who you really are and what you are capable of.


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