07. Swords, the Anglerfish


Not every light in the dark is a friendly one, sometimes things can be too good to come true. The Anglerfish is a deep sea creature, with massive jaws and bioluminescence to trick prey into its maw. On their head or jaw is a proboscis that moves and sways, darting like bait on a line. The Anglerfish lives a lonely life, searching its way through the darkness tricking and eating its prey. Even when they find a mate, the male is absorbed into the female’s flesh for life. The Anglerfish is not compassionate, its tools are loneliness and deception. There is no changing the nature of an Anglerfish, for the dark is all it knows and how it has stayed alive for as long as it has. Its ugliness and trickery are things it is proud of, has evolved for. There are people and events in our lives like this. We might see a glimmer of hope in them, but they are relying on that naivety to serve their own purposes. Be wary with something that seems too needy, too perfect, it will often consume you in one way or another if you don’t have your own defenses up to fight back.


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