09. Swords, the Jackal


In the waking world, the Jackal is a pack animal that feeds on carrion and is generally a scavenger by nature. In the realm of our imaginations, however, Jackal is the lord of the Underworld and leads us to passages we would rather not see. Life is not pretty and shiny in the world of Jackal, it is covered in blood both old and new. The underworld is a place of literal dreaming, good and bad. A place of subconscious thoughts, desire and battles that hold a multitude of symbolism and inverted meaning. Our dreams are not meant to be interpreted literally, and the Jackal encourages interpretation. Don’t take fear by your first impression, instead figure out the root cause and the emotions that cause you to react as you do. Our waking lives don’t necessarily reflect what is going on inside our heads, so try to view your dreams and interpretations of the world with less judgment. Things are how they are, so what are you going to do about them.


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