10. Swords, the Hyena


The life of a Hyena is one of opportunity, not necessarily honor. As a pack they hunt, fight, scavenge, and play together. But it’s always every Hyena for themselves, always about who gets a bite out of what to continue survival. Hyenas have a tendency to wait around for others to kill prey, ganging up in numbers and stealing the fresh kill. All reward for little of the risk. It is a gambler’s life, and if the house always wins, the only way to win for yourself is to cheat. It is an unfair system and the Hyena is the spirit of those who would try to rig the game in their favor. Whether it is inside or outside of us, these opportunist are not hard to find. Beware of others who would manipulate your work as their own. Also be aware that playing fair might not get you the best results. Know where you stand in a fight before engaging because you never know who might attack next. Remember Hyena’s vigilance and know the odds, play to win and not to be won over.


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