Page of Swords, the Crow


The mental capacity of the Crow has made it a go-to symbol of magic for generations. Crows have superb memories for faces, use tools, and teach a legacy of adaptation to their offspring. Crows are creatures that use the power of community to increase their knowledge and opportunistic to thrive. Their association with death reminds us that there are many different ways of looking at a situation, and that with every loss also comes a new opportunity. That is the eternal magic that the Crow can represent for us. How you see your surroundings and work with the people around you is an integral part of understanding what to do next. Crow encourages you to not be narrow minded, but to stay focused. Try new approaches, just to see what happens, but don’t attach any expectations to a particular outcome. Now is a time for a Socratic method, which may mean putting some of your emotions on the back burner until they are of use to you. Crow reminds us not to overthink our actions but to still maintain our wits until we can truly understand the circumstances around us. You have this magic within you if you allow it the freedom and patience to grow.


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