Knight of Swords, the Antelope


To live with a prey-like mentality, to constantly assume that you are under the threat of being hunted, makes for an anxious life. The Antelope is powerful in its own way, with its quick pace, powerful jump, protective horns, and with a community to trust. Antelope are by no means weak, but they will none the less be triggered into action by the smallest of upsets. Following the herd too hastily might feel safe, but it can also be a trap to deny yourself the resources to maintain your personal power. The Antelope, therefore, can be summoned when you are tired of waiting and are ready to act on your intuition alone. To embrace this power can be addictive and fulfilling, but the feeling of power that comes from action does not mean that you will be safe. Keep a wary eye out for predators inside and out, and make sure that your pursuit of action doesn’t become distracted from your goal. You have the power inside of you, just remember what you are taking action for.


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