Queen of Swords, the Leopard


The Leopard can sit, poised, in a tree for hours waiting for the opportune moment to strike for its prey. The hunt, their survival, is crucial and almost an artistic performance. While the patience of the Leopard almost certainly leads to a successful kill, the battle is not over until they are able to safely bring its bounty back into the safety of the treetops. For every action that is needed to pursue your goals, there will always  be a step that follows afterward. The Leopard’s power is in its patient, watchful gaze, discerning the right timing and steps along our chosen path. The Leopard sees what is in front of it and available without discounting the bigger and more satisfying options available. In our world of seemingly endless choices, to call on the Leopard is to focus and discriminate what the best course of action actually is. The Leopard has a spiritual connection that takes into account not only the present moment, but the moments that lead up to and the steps after a successful endeavor. Listen, watch, wait, pounce, and protect your wins. This is how you can ensure your survival and success, minimizing your losses into lessons.


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