King of Swords, the Fox


The Fox always seems to have a plan, and are globally renowned for their cunning. The magic of the Fox seems to be that they are able to find all manner of hidden things. Between their perceptiveness and ability to hide in plain sight, the Fox is the watchful eye that sees things how they really are. We are like the Fox when we see through others trying to deceive us. We are the Fox when we need others to trust us implicitly, even though we may not be entirely sure of the outcome. We are the Fox when we sit back and observe the world working around us, doing nothing in the moment so we might know what to do next. Foxes know that the truth has many shades to it, and that knowing all the different perspectives gives you the individual power to help adjust the outcome of that knowledge. Your actions and perceptions matter, because you are an important part of the systems in place. Observation and careful action give you the power to manipulate circumstances in your favor and to create the narrative that your situation needs. Your compassion, your responsibility, is determined by what you care about and where your attention is going. The Fox is the spirit of this mentality.


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