8CC049C5-1044-4E7E-A08C-9A07B3AA62A9During the European Renaissance of the 16th and 17th centuries, having many diverse skills and knowledge was considered a great benefit. Not so much these days. We are encouraged in every aspect of life to specialize. I don’t have one particular specialty. I know a lot about stuff that is very narrowly marketable. My whole life I have been trying to categorize myself without much success. Black and white both fit, I can be introverted and extroverted, I can care about the world and myself, I am spiritual but not religious, not a leader nor a follower. After much consideration I know this: I am an artist and an organizer. Maybe not in the traditional sense of art, but I come up with ideas and images and figure out how I want to execute them.

So I created this blog to share my ideas, and even possibly get support to make them into a reality. I’m not interested in money, but I do value many things. Sometimes you need cash to get by. I would like to be one of the people of the revolution to change that. Instead of spending our lives trapped 9-5 in offices, commuting, and then sleep; provide all of us with a feeling like we are earning our survival just by being ourselves and bringing our imaginations into the real world.

My name is Melissa. Thank you for visiting my blog. Feel free to contact me and support me in any way you want!

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