Frequently Feared Questions

Part of the reason it can take so long to start a blog is the vulnerability of it. Even if you are writing fiction, you are still exposing and advertising your inner workings for other people to critique, criticize, and if you’re lucky, enjoy and relate to. With that in mind, I am sharing a few possible concerns before I even have enough content to do so.

  1. Mental illness isn’t real and you should just power though your “problems” like everyone else does.
    • Thank you, but that is not a question. Also, fuck you and your entire lack of empathy. I write about my mental illness to relate to others who might be suffering the same way I am and for you, imaginary person, to dictate how I feel based on your shallow experiences of emotion does not concern me and you do not have to pretend to contribute here.
  2. You are going to Hell for believing in witchcraft and Devil-worship!
    • Thank you, also not a question though. I have already made peace with my Gods and I know that your spite comes from a place of genuine concern. You take care of your soul and I’ll take care of mine. If you are concerned I am going to corrupt the masses, I am sure you will find comfort in the literal MILLIONS of Abraham churches and websites that are literally inescapable everywhere else. BYE.
  3. Medicine is evil and so are chemicals and gluten and meat is animal cruelty!
    • Gosh I just seem bad at attracting actual questions don’t I? Everything is chemicals, everything you eat has gone through expedited evolution via human interference, the animals we eat literally could not survive in the wild. Medicine is more complicated. We are lead to believe that if you take one medicine you should be fixed. But Every Single Human Being Is Made Differently. Different (gasp) chemicals being produced in our brains, different ways our organs are set up and react. Even if you are a doctor you won’t know what all the effects or possible treatments for any illness may be. It is easy to try and blame big pharma or some unseen entity on causing suffering, but life isn’t easy and this isn’t the place to get that world view reconfirmed.
  4. Why are you so boring?
    • I am so glad you asked!  I write in a stream of consciousness style that means the way I think is, to my best ability, put down into words on a page as I think them. I never will claim to be perfect and I am only really posting any of it publicly in case someone CAN relate to it. You  can move on now.
  5. Why can’t you just chose a topic- like JUST yoga, or JUST magic, JUST creative writing, JUST mental health advocacy, or JUST a personal history?
    • Fuck if I know. They all seem to relate to each other and intermingle. I have never had a specialty and I am embracing being a little bit skilled at everything. My brain is a web of interconnection and I invite you to question my connections or unwritten thought processes at any time.
  6. If I follow your advice, will my life be perfect and without suffering?
    • Hooooboy- so if you are looking for advice and answers to life’s suffering this is not the place. This is a place of reflection- trying to accept suffering as it is but not being complacent with it. I will never tell you how to live or deal with your own personal demons, but I hope seeing my process will help you find a way to deal with them instead of denying them.

Hopefully I won’t have to expand on these too much. Otherwise- thank you for reading and supportively participating.