Animal Totem Tarot- Contents

This page provides an easy reference to all of the individual cards and meanings. A constant work in progress. Original post and explanation of the deck here:

Spirit Animal Tarot

The first group of cards we will be going over is the Higher Arcana. Used alone, these are messages of milestones and spiritual growth. They represent big picture thinking in how you relate to the spirits, yourself, and the elements. Within a mixed reading, it is something of particular focus that needs attention or that you have already fixated on.


In my meditations of this deck, I found myself more interested in the meaning of the individual cards rather than putting too much emphasis on the suits themselves. That being said, Cups is usually a suit that is associated with the element of water, relationships, youth and romantic thinking. You will see a surprising few water animals in my interpretation, but a whole lot of the later themes. Please allow yourself to meditate on the animal and its unique message rather than getting too hung up on the elemental aspects of the traditional deck.cups-befunky-collage

Coins, related to earth and material concerns. The work that we do in the real world needs a focus on the, here, the now, and the attainable. The nature of spirit animals is to already, naturally be in this mindset. Part of the attraction to spirit guides in the first place is their pragmatic and focused nature.  But concerns with wealth and survival does not mean that the mind and spirit is valued any less. On the contrary, in order to maintain wealth, you have to recognize that the human definition of wealth is very limited. Home, food on the table, a community to share ideas with, being in nature and the love of our pets are all very spiritual and also very earthly. Keep in mind, with these cards, a grounding practice so that you are not too quick to attach judgement on the wealth you are being guided towards.

Coins BeFunky Collage

Traditionally, the suit of wands is represented by one of two elements. The wood of the wand is said to be kindling of the fire, giving us the ability to power through and take action in our lives. However, the wood of the tree is not so rigid, it easily bends and sways with the wind while holding firm to its purpose. It really comes down, as almost all things do, to personal interpretation. This will be discussed further in the suite of swords- whether they cut through to the truth of life or if they arm you to face your actions. In this case, however, wands present our spirit guides with the protection and enthusiasm for life that is on the much more playful and optimistic end of the spectrum. See how you brace yourself and are willing to bend to the elements surrounding you in your life. Stand up for your hopes and intuition; strengthen and reinforce it. Stand in the quiet wilderness or put another log on the fire. These are the kindling of inspiration and trusting that things are goingWands BeFunky Collage to be okay. At the very least, things are going to move forward.

Swords and their suit are designed for a clear purpose: To cut through the crap and tell it like it is. There is clarity in hard truths, and wisdom realizing that we may not always be in the right. But despite this apparent pessimism, embracing the cold truth is always a learning and growing experience. There is joy and freedom by cutting away the bindings that try to tell us everything will be alright. Real life has moments of pain, and loss, and compromise that doesn’t pull its punches. The same goes for joyous occasions, the thrill of meeting someone new, and the calm between storms. Don’t be discouraged by this suite, instead let yourself be driven into action and allow yourself to see the world as it is rather than how you might want it to be. Do not fear these guides, let them help you embrace and reinforce your spirit. Swords and fire is the courage that knowing that you are afraid and nonetheless taking effective actions. Knowledge is the power you need to power through the harsh realities of our lives.

2 BeFunky Swords Collage