Queen of Coins, Mother Grizzly

Protectiveness is not exclusive to one gender or one type of relationship.  However, there is no image quite as clear as a Mother Grizzly protecting her cubs. The ferocity, the power, and the sheer desire to protect her offspring make the Grizzly more aggressive and more willing to put herself in harm;s way than any … Continue reading Queen of Coins, Mother Grizzly



I'm playing like any other child laughing, climbing swinging but in my little sundress "I see London I see France I see Melissa's underpants!" Unfamiliar heat of humiliation   I'm sitting in the play structure at the far end of the play ground I can hear the laughter and play of the others, but to … Continue reading Victim

Dancing Without Diety

A Pantheacon Discussion It seems like a contradiction- atheists at a convention centered around spirituality. But that is what makes it so much more appealing. Due to their questioning nature, atheists can often be quite confrontational in matters that cannot be scientifically explained. I don’t consider myself an atheist, but I also don’t attach myself … Continue reading Dancing Without Diety

Grounding in the Urban Jungle- Pantheacon Part 1

The first workshop I attended at the convention was entitled “Grounding in the Urban Jungle.” For anyone familiar with grounding techniques, you may already see the appeal. As much as mediation and intention is considered vital for mindful living, our work and living environments aren’t always conducive to quiet contemplation without interruption. Learning how to … Continue reading Grounding in the Urban Jungle- Pantheacon Part 1