For the Love of Birth Control

Despite not celebrating it this year, and many years of bitterly celebrating Single's Awareness Day (SAD), I have decided to do an obligatorily Valentine's Day post. Instead of talking about romance however, I want to talk about our female bodies and self-love. Yes, THAT SELF LOVE.  But mostly I am going to talk about women's … Continue reading For the Love of Birth Control


Place Outside Apropriation 

​I want to discuss this think piece: I do not disagree with many of the points the author has, but I think that it fails to see the radical acceptance of diversity many people are engaged in as well. I like to believe that we have the ability to be more informed and have greater … Continue reading Place Outside Apropriation 

Career Mantra

How To Write A Career Mantra This activity helps you narrow down your values, and think in a more action-oriented manner. Currently, mine is: I create through exploration of the world’s diversity and excellence, then reflect compassion, beauty, and reason back.